• Corporate Speaking Engagements

  • Develops customized education and training to support organizational needs

  • Electronic Document Submission Consultation

  • Magnet Certification Website Development

  • Conducts business work shops

  • Works with all stakeholders to achieve organizational goals and strategic alignment in order to improve patient experiences.

  • Shared Leadership and leadership development

Strategic Planning


Perhaps the biggest value added by a consultant is guidance in assessing your environment. A well-qualified strategic planning consultant should have a thorough and current knowledge of national trends in medicine as well as detailed knowledge about oncology practice.


Executive Mentoring


  • In our basic Executive Coaching program, we will provide the following services:

  • Meet individually with the manager and the individual to be coached

  • Interview key people who work with and know the individual well (information will be summarized without revealing who said what)

  • Give feedback from the assessment to the individual and facilitate the creation of personal development plan

  • Conduct weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions by phone or in person over a two-three month time frame (exact schedule is customized for each person to meet their specific needs and preferences)


Leadersip Development


We provid l leadership Training and Development Providing consultations for teams and Leadership development workshops

Customized workshops and training also offered

  • Transformational Leadership 

  • Teaching Managers to Coach 

  • Leadership for Non-supervisors 

  • Management vs Leadership 

  • Systems Thinking for leaders

  • Courageous leadership









E Doc Submission Websites


Now that the ANCC has announced that all documents submitted must be web based or on a thumb drive after February 1, 2016, The Grace Consulting Group can prepare and submit your magnet documentation.


Grace Consulting Group can truly simplify your document submission process. Our experience team of consultants is spearheaded by our president Dr. Rhonda R. Foster who oversaw the entire process for Childrens Hosptital Of Michigan. Our experienced web development experts can customize your Magnet document  to meet your document needs.  Your Magnet document website can be reviewed, edited and updated in real time.  Your document information is always available from any computer or mobile device.

Contact us for more information.

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